HERS & Title 24 Test in Rocklin

State of California requires home and commercial builders to fulfill the Title 24 requirement and get a HERS Test done. Goldenstate Hers offers the Title 24 test and give you the paperwork for Title 24. Home energy conserving test is related to measurements and analyses of electricity and fabric flow, with the goal of expertise the energy dynamics of the device. Typically a HERS Test is performed to pick out possibilities to lessen the energy demand of the machine without affecting production volumes.
We at Golden State HERS perform various tests for you to save maximum amount of money on your electric bills. Also, it could make you eligible to get rebated from the governement. We perform various tests such as:

Duct Test in Rocklin

Golden State HERS will hook up our sophisticated equipment to check if you have any leakage in your AC or Heat system that could cause you to loose cold or hot air. By eliminating this you could save thousands on keeping your Rocklin home cold in the summer and warm in the winter.

Other Title 24 & HERS Test in Rocklin that we perform:

  • Refrigerant Test
  • Air Flow Test
  • Fan Efficiency Test
  • And,  of course, best customer service and all the paperwork that you need.